Looking for places to get your Guest post published

I am looking for content for the lakeviewstudios.com website.

These are the requirements

  1. Articles must be on SEO, social media or digital marketing and be around the same quality as the writing currently on my site, (hopefully better).
  2. Articles must be over 750 words in length.
  3. Your article cannot be an advertisement.
  4. Must be unique.

You will get bio with photo and links to your website and social media accounts. I do not nofollow links but if you add a bunch of obviously paid for links to your post I will be removing them.

Although at one time this site was a top ranking site for many web design and SEO related keywords, it has fallen from grace. It still has decent domain authority rating and maybe with your help, I can regain some of the traffic it used to have.

Please don’t send crap posts

If you are guest post outreach person and are for hire, please include your info, rates etc.

Also if you are a good freelance writer who is available for work, send you info as well.

If you are interested contact me