Magnovo Team Building

Charity Team Building Events had traffic but not very many leads. To increase their conversion rate, a number of steps were taken. First, the site was redesigned to add trust indicators, social proof, and a more engaging design that spoke to the actual target audience.

Then, after careful consideration of their Google Analytics stats, performed conversion rate optimization according to best practices and with an eye toward their audience and goals. The client saw a noticeable increase in the conversion rate from organic traffic. They also saw a noticeable increase in visitors’ time spent on the site.

Fish in Key West

Captain Pepe runs a very successful charter fishing business whose main source of leads was TripAdvisor, with a trickle from local search. He came with the goal of getting more leads from organic search, so the goal was to increase rankings in organic search and especially to improve conversion rates.

With that two-part goal in mind, the solution was to redesign the website and perform search optimization. One key aspect of this plan was to dramatically increase the amount of content on the site. In addition, call-to-action buttons were strategically placed to optimize conversions from mobile and PC visitors. Trust authenticators and social proof techniques were also built into the new design.

This resulted in dramatic improvements:

  • The bounce rate decreased by 20%
  • Time on site increased by over 20%
  • Pages viewed per session increased by over 20%
  • *Increased the number of terms the site ranks for
  • Increased search engine ranking position

Holiday Team Building

Holiday Team Building is a website for the Magnovo company to promote its holiday team building workshops. Holiday team building events are some of the most popular events of the year and Magnovo wanted a website totally dedicated to promoting these seasonal workshops.

The client has a lot of Fortune 500 companies on its client list, so capitalizing on those recognizable names was a priority. The “Trusted By…” section was featured prominently, right under the all-important testimonials. Since Magnovo’s client testimonials hail from Fortune 500 companies too, it was essential to use logos with each testimonial.

The site is built on WordPress with a custom header and color scheme. There is also a blog component which is fully manageable by Magnovo team members after a short onboarding period to get them up to speed.

Ivy League Content

Catherine Tims had worked part time as a website content writer for years but last year she decided to try to pursue it as a full-time career.  The online world of written content is extremely competitive and she had to make herself stand out from the throngs of low-quality writers.

Ivy League Content was born.  The first order of business was a sharp, mobile-friendly website. Then came an internet advertising campaign. Both were successful.

Then to diversify traffic sources she started to do social media.  Although it would seem to be a very over-saturated market (content writers and content marketers on social media), she still saw great ROI on time and money spent promoting on social media.

In addition to finding clients, we created a mailing list in order to keep in contact with them and we would do a monthly newsletter to remind them she existed. We chose this route over Facebook because we would have total control over the contacts and we can custom design the emails to our specifications rather than relying on Facebook for all customer outreach.

Catherine has quit her job and now writes website content full time.

Eaton Street Seafood

Eaton Street Seafood is a high-end seafood market in downtown Key West. They had a website and traffic from various travel and review sites but they wanted to do more.  Their website was old and static and wasn’t doing much except displaying their address and phone number.

The site was completely redesigned from scratch, including optimization for mobile viewing.  The client expressed interest in developing an online store for their products, so a fully customized e-commerce functionality was incorporated.  This included high-quality product descriptions with a call to action incorporated on each page. With overnight shipping, they are able to ship fresh seafood almost anywhere in the United States.

Eaton Street already had a presence on Facebook but with Facebook constantly looking for ways to make you pay to access your followers.  I wanted to add a secondary way for the client to reach out to customers.  Therefore, I integrated an email sign up on the website and they also started collecting emails of customers in-store.

This mailing list has proven itself to be extremely valuable in the off season in Key West by enabling them to reach and sell seafood to their customers while they are not in Key West during the summer months.  The e-commerce portion of the website has been extremely successful.

Mexican Underground

Eduardo’s Table was a new business that needed to develop an online presence, and fast. The target market was tourists in Key West seeking a unique, high-end dining experience.

Since the restaurant business in Key West is highly competitive, the website for Eduardo’s Table needed to immediately convey the client’s unique selling proposition (USP). His USP was the “experience” of dining at Eduardo’s Table, as well as the delicious seafood prepared in a seafood market, delivered directly from market to table. Eduardo himself cooked the meals not 20 feet from diners, and personally brought out each course as he described the ingredients.

To convey these USPs, Lake View Studios spent an evening with Eduardo, watching him prepare the food and listening to him describe the courses to diners. A writer was brought along to take notes, and Eduardo’s sommelier was on hand for an interview.

The approach was to convey the intimacy 0f experience of dining at Eduardo’s table, which in this tourist town is not easy to come by. Techniques included using up-close photographs of the presentation with a soft hue to them, and using content that spoke directly to potential diners to suggest the personal experience they’d be having should they choose to eat there.

Summerfly Charters

This client needed a cost-effective solution that enabled him to capitalize on photos and integrate with social media. His business is sports-related and his target customer is young men who can afford to travel to the Keys for spearfishing.

Since target audience demographic spends a lot of time on Instagram, a photos-based website that integrated with the client’s social media profiles was chosen.

Conversion was key, so CTA buttons were placed strategically and written content was minimal. This also helped to highlight the images, which were of fish caught during the client’s fishing charters.

Fish Key West Florida was in need of a redesign. The website had the same design for 5 years and was not made to be viewed on mobile phones.

The client liked the style of the old website, so this became part of the plan during the design phase.  The redesigned site had a whole new look but managed to keep the original clean style the client wished to retain.  The site was created using WordPress so now the Captains that work for the company can log in and update the site with fishing reports.

Impaler Spearguns

Jason Tiller is a custom spear gun builder in Key West with 20 years of woodworking experience. Because diving and spearfishing are a passion of his, he decided to make custom wood spear guns.

At first he made them for himself and friends. Eventually, he decided to try to actually make and sell the guns on a larger scale. Since his background is in carpentry and not marketing his initial efforts in selling the guns did not go really well. The actual quality of the guns carried them to some degree but he just was not selling enough.

That is where I came in. I brainstormed with Jason and we identified that there was actually a niche in the spear gun business that had very little competition. Also, we saw that most of the people buying this type of spear gun came from California. We had to get online and get the guns out there.

We followed a simple plan and worked out great.

We built:

  • Mobile Website
  • Facebook
  • Instagram account

Jason has now quit his job and makes and sells spear guns full time.

SpearDat Charters

Speardat Charters is Captain Ronnie Collin’s spearfishing charter website. Located in Louisiana, Speardat takes divers on trips to dive the offshore oil rigs.

Spearfishing is an extreme sport, so I thought Ronnie should have a more extreme-looking website… starting off with a huge photo of a huge fish.  The site is responsive and mobile friendly.