Catherine Tims had worked part time as a website content writer for years but last year she decided to try to peruse it as a full time career.  The online world of written content is extremely competitive and she had to make herself stand out from the throngs of low quality often overseas writers.

Ivy League Content was born.  The first thing was a sharp, mobile-friendly website and an internet advertising campaign, both of which were successful.

Then to diversify traffic sources she started to do social media.  Although it would seem to be a very over saturated market (content writers and content marketers on social media), she still saw great ROI on time and money spent promoting on social media.

In addition to finding clients, we created a mailing list in order to keep in contact with them and we would do a monthly newsletter to remind them she existed. We chose this route over Facebook because we would have total control over the contacts and we can custom design the emails to our specifications rather then relying on Facebook for all customer outreach.

Catherine has quit her job and now writes website content full time.