5 Key Content Marketing Tips Every Business Should Follow

Content marketing has become so important that it is now considered central to SEO. Despite its importance, many businesses never use it to its full potential or never use it at all to reach their target audience. What makes content marketing stand out from most other forms of marketing strategies is that it helps generate organic traffic. The traffic is highly targeted and has an exceptionally high conversion rate. Whether it is for marketing or selling your products, you should follow these 5 content marketing tips to improve your business.

1. Create a Blog for Your Business

Blogging is one of the most important content marketing tips for businesses. Blogging can become one of your leading drivers of new leads. It can be even more effective than the cold calls that your sales executives make every day. It is unlike many other traditional marketing strategies because it can also help in nurturing and converting your leads.

However, blogging is not as easy as you may think. It is both time-consuming and requires some evaluation from time to time to make improvements. You will have to dedicate tens of hours every week to create and post new content, track results, and make adjustments.

2. Integrate Content Marketing into your Business Culture

The more high-quality content you have, the higher the amount of traction your business can generate from it. Besides the traditional content marketing strategies, getting your employees involved in content development can help return massive dividends.


Most of your employees are already creating a wide range of content related to your business, every day. For example:

  • Many of your employees are answering customer queries every day
  • Many spend all day comparing products
  • Many are talking about price
  • Many employees are solving your customer problems

Your employees have a better opinion about different topics in your industry. what if they started becoming content contributors on your blog, social media, forums and elsewhere? Imagine the amount of information they can put online and the value they can bring to it.

Integrate content marketing into your business culture by providing a platform and adding a concept to your organization.

3. Create an Editorial Calendar

Adding goals and planning your content creation can help you succeed with your content marketing strategy. Your business has goals and so should your marketing strategies. If you want to succeed with content marketing for business avoid posting blog posts and social media updates only when you have some new idea. Don’t leave your marketing to chance, create an editorial calendar.

The editorial calendar should let you plan the content on not just monthly basis, but also on annual basis. It should clearly mention what and when you will be writing and posting. There should be a calendar for your blog and for other off-page and on-page content.

4. Create Video Content

Content means much more than textual content. It also includes video. Every type and size of business will have something to show to their potential customers and existing clients.

Every video you create should have a purpose or a part in your overall content marketing strategy. There is no need for professional-grade video production. You can create simple but engaging videos about your products or services and share on social media and YouTube.

It could be product demonstration, how-to-use guides or anything that answers your potential customer’s needs.

5. Include Calls to Action in Content

When you create content for your business, it has a purpose. It has an ultimate goal, which may be to inform, sell, have something downloaded or sign-up for something. Whatever the goal, make sure to include call to action (CTA) in your content. The CTA should encourage the reader or viewer to move to the next step.

If you are selling something, a good content marketing strategy will be to take your visitors to the next step without screaming “buy” or “purchase.” There are many advantages of creating content that is less promotional and more informational.

Instead of adding calls to action to sales, the CTAs should be to get them to take the next step in the buying process.

So follow these 5 tips when developing the content marketing strategy for your business. When done well, it can be the most effective way to reach your target audience without having to spend a fortune.

Author Bio:

Adam is an online marketing consultant and web designing specialist with over a decade of experience in Calgary and Greater Alberta Area. He recommends that content marketing should become an integral part of every business due to its power to drive high-quality organic traffic.